Civis helps citizens understand the laws that impact their lives in simple language and allows them to vote on these laws. Through this feedback that citizens share, Civis creates a real time, constructive dialogue between a citizen and their elected representative.

What sets us apart?

The growing popularity of social media and apps as a mode of communication between Governments and their citizens indicates that there is an untapped need for continuous engagement between the people and their elected representatives.


Civis is focused on creating constructive dialogue, one that includes a full spectrum of opinions of people from different backgrounds.


With a focus on innovation, Civis will use unique technology solutions to reach as many people possible and include them in the discourse.


Our commitment lies in furthering democracy. Legislation summaries will be free of ideological bias and all user voting data will be presented to Legislators.

Detailed Reports For Legislators

Law makers will get reports of the feedback collected in their constituency with detailed data analysis. These reports will close the feedback loop for users, ensuring that all of their opinions on a Law are taken into consideration by lawmakers.

Detailed Reports For Legislators

Empowering Citizens

Users can monitor how their legislators have voted by topic, legislation and time frame - in comparison to their own votes. They can also see how other citizens have voted, ensuring that no voice goes unrecognised.

Empowering Citizens

User Friendly

Legislation and laws can be daunting, Civis makes it simple and easy to understand for everyone, making the voting process a fun one!

Empowering Citizens